Flashback: My First Steps in Hacking

I was always a curious guy. I was always wondering how do some things work, but I just didn’t know how to find out about it. I, at the time, followed Discovery Channel, Viasat Explorer and other scientific shows because I wanted to know more. I would write down everything I thought it was fun to learn in my little notebook as a reference if I needed to learn more about that. I didn’t prepare for doing something like that. That’s why my notes were messy and Icouldn’t do anything about it. And of course, at the time, I did not have a computer or internet or smartphone or anything like that.

So,years later, I finally got internet connection! I was 16 years old back then. Yup, I lived 16 years without the internet and I can’t be happier about it. I had a nice childhood. Anyway, when I finally got an access to the internet, I did spend two years doing nothing and exploring the power of internet. I used Facebook a lot, used Skype, YouTube, and basically got an account in every social site ever. I was senior in high-school when I learned a thing or two about computers. I already mastered Pascal and Delphi, I knew some networking basics and I knew a lot about building my own desktop computer. But in my senior year, I was learning object-oriented programming. And while I was learning Visual Basic (6.0 was theversion my school decided to teach), I needed to do my final exam using Visual Basic, some basic printing app that will connect to MySQL database my friend was doing and print stuff from it on a specifically designed pieces of paper.

I didn’t want to do it Visual Basic 6.0. That version was sooo old! And I needed some support looking things up on the internet! So I decided I should download Visual Studio 2012. And I did. And I learned programming in Visual Basic that’s four or five versions more advanced than the version they taught us in school. I felt so proud!

In the end, I didn’t manage to finish the whole final exam. The app was full of bugs and I didn’t like it. While I was presenting my final work to a couple my teachers I managed to socially engineer them (at the time, I had no idea what social engineering is exactly, but stillmanaged to pull it off) and I got the highest grade without everactually running my program! Damn that felt so good.

After that, my high-school was finished and I had some spare months until my collage begins. I started being curious. I wanted to know what that s represents in https. So I started learning, and learning. I did DDoS a couple of websites, did some automated SQL injection using Havij accessed some admin panels using passwords I extracted using Havij and that was pretty much the whole scope of my hacking back then.


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