My Alternatives

In this page, I’m going to list the alternatives I use for commonly used commercial software. The list is in alphabetical order.

Adobe Reader – Evince
Android – CyanogenMod
Bitlocker Drive Encryption – TrueCrypt
BitTorrent – qBitorrent
Dropbox and Google Drive – MEGA (for daily use), OneDrive and Cloud (bigger space, for long term backups only)
Evernote and Microsoft OneNote – Todo.txt (QTodoTxt as my choice for a Linux GUI)
Google Calendar – Lightning (Thunderbird add-on) and Maya
Google Chrome – Mozilla Firefox
Google Mail –
Google Search – DuckDuckGo
Microsoft Office – LibreOffice (loving the libreoffice-style-sifr look) and Office 365
Microsoft Outlook – Mozilla Thunderbird
Microsoft Windows 8.1 – elementary OS (but I also use Microsoft Windows 8.1 as a backup system if I break something)
Skype – Firefox Hello (integrated into Firefox Beta for now)
VMware Player – Oracle VirtualBox

As you can see, not all solutions are neither open source or free, but I’m trying to be as much productive as I can. I won’t allow myself to be less productive just to use open source software only. If there is an open source alternative that will satisfy my needs, I will use it, but, if none of them satisfies my needs, I will use commercial software. Regardless of that, I’m still a big open source advocate and will do anything I can to promote free software as much as I can.


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