Projects and Papers

The list will cover projects written in English and in Bosnian language.


  • Sensitive Data Grabber – .NET application that collects the sensitive data from popular applications and saves them on a removable drive or sends them via email.
  • Implementacija sigurnosnih algoritama – Jednostavan program koji služi kao primjer implementacije enkripcijskih i hash algoritama koristeći .NET biblioteke. Fakultet izabrao da ga promoviše kao jednog od dva najbolja seminarska rada na svojoj početnoj stranici.


Papers and publications

LiBRE! magazine is a regional magazine that focuses on free software. I’m a regular author and I extracted my articles from the .pdf files to create a list of every single article published there. I strongly suggest to anyone who understands Serbian language to go ahead and download all of the magazine numbers and read them.

You can find all of my papers in one place in this GitHub repository.

All of my papers are shared under CC BY-SA 4.0, which basically means that you can do whatever you want with my work as long as you give me attribution. If you make some edit based on something I wrote, you must distribute your work under the same license.


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