My Last Post on This Domain

OK guys,

I think that it is time for me to publish the last post on this blog using WordPress as a domain. As you probably already know, GitHub is my favorite company and I have decided to switch my blog to a completely new domain.

I have published a couple of posts exclusively on the new domain and backed up every post from this domain to my new address (with one exception, but I’m working on it). I feel confident now to make the switch and I started to feel really comfortable using GitHub + Jekyll as a blogging platform, so I’ve decided to drop by and say good bye to my old domain.

From now on, you can follow me on Be sure to use the http version of the site because https version is currently not properly implemented in the code. If you run into some issue while browsing the site or you miss a feature that I had implemented on this domain, feel free to report it here.

As always, you’re more than welcome to contact me anytime on I hope that you’ll continue to read me on my new address.

Aleksandar Todorović

LiBRE! 28 – Slobodni softver i internet stvari (1. deo)

Izašao je novi, 28. po redu broj LiBRE! časopisa. U ovom broju možete pročitati prvi dio teme Slobodni softver i internet stvari koju obrađujem u ime LiBRE! tima.

U prvom dijelu sam se zapitao možemo li računati na softverske gigante u uvođenje slobodnog softvera u internet stvari. Pored toga sam napravio uvod u to kako tačno rade pametni uređaji te tako napravio uvod za drugi dio članka u kojem ću obrađivati Spark projekat koji sam izdvojio kao najzanimljiviji projekat vezan za internet stvari koji se fokusira u potpunosti na slobodne tehnologije u svom biznis modelu.

Ukoliko ne želite da skidate čitav broj da biste pročitali tekst, tekst možete da preuzmete i iz za to posvećenog dijela moje web stranice.

Pored nastavljanja bavljenja ovom temom, u izradi je i moja prva ozbiljnija samostalna publikacija u kojoj se bavim u potpunosti drugačijom temom, uticajem muzike na ponašanje osobe. Ovo je prva tema koju obrađujem u svom cilju da savladam razumijevanje ljudskog ponašanja i načine preko kojih se ljudsko ponašanje može modifikovati u ličnu korist (pojam socijalni inžinjering). Kada rad bude završen, vratiću se regularnom blogingu.

What exactly is a hacker?

Not to be confused, hacker is a person who wants to share his knowledge about computers with others. Hacker is every person who thinks in an unconventional way. An idea that a hacker is someone who does something malicious is an idea created in Hollywood.

This is a quote from a report about a hacking convention called BalCCon 2k14 that took place for the second year in a row in Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia.

I think that this quote describes perfectly what a hacker is. I feel kinda tired of all those “you call yourself a hacker, you’re going to end up in jail” conversations and Google+ posts in hacker communities where idiots ask stuff like: “teach me how to hack fb plz”.

I do realize that 95% of people don’t understand us who call ourselves hackers and I do realize that they will probably never learn, but I feel so tired of this that I had to share this quote with you.

If you’re not sure what a hacker is, I suggest you to start learning by reading this Wikipedia article about a term hacker. You will start to realize that the hacker is a much more broader term than the one you have in mind, although I don’t think that this article explains it a lot.

In the end of this post, I want to share another quote with you. This quote is from Bruce Schneier‘s book called Secrets and Lies (2000) and I think that this definition covers it all.

A hacker is someone who thinks outside the box. It’s someone who discards conventional wisdom, and does something else instead. It’s someone who looks at the edge and wonders what’s beyond. It’s someone who sees a set of rules and wonders what happens if you don’t follow them. A hacker is someone who experiments with the limitations of systems for intellectual curiosity.

Here are some other articles written about what a term hacker is.

Reading Mission Accomplished!

So, somewhere around the Middle of June I set a goal to myself: read three books by the end of August. And I did it! I’ve read three books so far and I’m planning on reading another one as soon as I get a hold of some book that I find interesting.

I kinda feel fascinated by George R. R. Martin. I’ve read the first part of A Song of Ice and Fire and I knew I wanted to read more of his books. So, book fair was organized in my city and I immediately ran over there.

I got enough money to buy two books. I could probably buy even more books if I was looking for some cheap books and I didn’t knew what I was looking for, but I knew exactly what I was looking for: books by George R. R. Martin.

So, immediately, I bought a second part of A Song of Ice and Fire series and I found this other book by him called The Armageddon Rag. I bought both of them and two or three weeks later, I finished reading both of them. It feels so damn amazing!

Books are amazing! J

Papers We Love

If you’re like me, the chances are you like learning new things. If you’re like me, than you love computer science. I have a big passion to learn as much as I can about computers. Because it’s kind of a huge subject and no human could ever learn everything about computers, I had to decide which subject I should focus on. The choice was not that hard for me and I’ve decided relatively easy that my subject of choice is cyber security. I care about privacy and man do I love breaking things!

So, what I want to represent today is a git. Inside that git, you’ll find a lot of computer science related academic papers uploaded my people like you and me. The point of doing this git is to create a high quality source for papers, and those 50 contributors are doing the hell of a job doing that. It’s the little projects like this that makes me happy. When people unite and do something awesome together. I’m even happier because this is the first use of git I found useful that is not related to any programming language.

So, if you do have some spare time, some research papers stored on your local drive and a wish to give back to the community, I will ask you to visit Papers We Love repository, fork it and upload the shit out of good quality papers to it! I know I will. Especially because I saw that the security section is pretty empty for now.