My Last Post on This Domain

OK guys,

I think that it is time for me to publish the last post on this blog using WordPress as a domain. As you probably already know, GitHub is my favorite company and I have decided to switch my blog to a completely new domain.

I have published a couple of posts exclusively on the new domain and backed up every post from this domain to my new address (with one exception, but I’m working on it). I feel confident now to make the switch and I started to feel really comfortable using GitHub + Jekyll as a blogging platform, so I’ve decided to drop by and say good bye to my old domain.

From now on, you can follow me on Be sure to use the http version of the site because https version is currently not properly implemented in the code. If you run into some issue while browsing the site or you miss a feature that I had implemented on this domain, feel free to report it here.

As always, you’re more than welcome to contact me anytime on I hope that you’ll continue to read me on my new address.

Aleksandar Todorović

Blogilo + WordPress integration is terrible!

First of all, sorry about the design of my previous post. I was trying Blogilo as a program for posting entries and the result was horrible! What I did is write down a post in LO Writer (need spelling while I write), copied it to Blogilo and clicked submit. The font was terrible, and I had to edit a post from a web interface because somewhere between my Blogilo and my blog some spaces just disappered!

Anyway, now I’m writing in QTM and I hope the post will be formated better before I write my next post in it.